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, the e-payment platform of gaming accessories company Razer, has announced a tie-up with Singapore’s largest — and one of the oldest — cashless payment provider, NETS.

Through the partnership, the company expects to launch RazerPay in Singapore by early 2019. RazerPay will be integrated into NETS’ network of 40,000 Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals and 55,000 QR acceptance points across the country.

This announcement would come as little surprise to industry pundits. In recent years, NETS has made several overtures to maintain its pole position as the country’s leading e-payments operator.

Last , NETS launched its mobile app NetsPay, which will allow users to store a digital version of their Nets-supported ATM Card on their smartphones or wearables, such as smartwatches.

NetsPay users will be able to pay by tapping these devices (NFC-supported only) on a Nets Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals or by scanning a product’s QR code tag.

And two months ago, NETS was appointed by the Singapore government to become the country’s unified cashless payments operator for all food centres in the country. NETS said the payment terminal would integrate 20 e-payment options including popular mobile app payment apps such as GrabPay and WeChat Pay.

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But besides partnering with NETS to expand its reach, RazePay is also working to integrate its platform with other Singapore brands such as e-commerce platform Reebonz, ticketing company Sistic, utility company SP Group, and travel company WTS Travel to offer both offline and online e-payment options.

Reebonz Co-founder Benjamin Han said that Razer’s deep insights into the millennial market as well as the e-commerce industry in Asia makes it an ideal partner.

Singapore-based gamers will also be able to use RazerPay to buy gaming credits such as Steam Wallet codes, Blizzard balance PINs, and Sony PlayStation PINs.

“Since we announced our intention to launch Razer Pay by the first quarter of 2019, we’ve seen tremendous interest from businesses in Singapore keen to collaborate with us and integrate our e-payment framework,” said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO, Razer, in a press statement.

“This is evidence that Singapore’s cashless ambition is still alive and kicking, and no existing single provider has managed to satisfy all of these merchants.”

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