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  • launched Camera, its first-ever for consumers on Friday.
  • Snap Camera allows users to “wear” Lenses while on their computers, like while recording a YouTube video or on a Google Hangout.
  • Snap also a with Twitch, where streamers and their fans can wear Lenses while on the gaming platform.
  • The addition of desktop and a partnership with Twitch comes one day after a tough Q3 earnings call for Snap where the company announced it had lost two daily active users since last quarter.

A new app from Snap is coming to the desktop.

On Friday, the company announced the release of Snap Camera, which brings its AR Lenses (think dog ears and tongue) to desktop devices. Snap Camera works with the camera on your , which means users will be able to “wear” Lenses when recording a video on YouTube or during a Skype or Google Hangout call.

The company also announced a new partnership with Twitch, making Snap Camera available to game streamers and their fans. Streamers will be able to select a Lens to “wear” on Twitch, while fans will be able to unlock that Lens themselves via Snapcodes displayed on the stream.

Already, Snap’s Lens Studio – which has had over 250,000 Lenses submitted – contains designs for League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch.

The partnership could help attract more users to Snap. Earlier this year, Business Insider reported that Twitch has nearly 1 million viewers on its platform watching at any given point, which was more than cable giants likes CNN and MSNBC.

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The addition of desktop and partnership with Twitch comes one day after a tough Q3 earnings call where the company said it had lost two million daily active users since last quarter.

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