Stealth tooth microphone developed by US Military | Feature

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2018, the year headlines sound like Black Mirror episodes.

I feel like the episode would not be that successful.

The device is actually much cooler than I expected.

Despite its rather precarious position, the little device can pick up the speech of the wearer without any visible interface, and relay sound back through bone-conducting technology through the teeth and skull to the inner ear.

Why would you name this thing a microphone? It’s way cooler that it can vibrate sound from your teeth to your brain. I wonder what the battery life on it is. I kinda doubt that the guy in the picture really has it in his mouth.

It’s important to not that you will also need a radio pack on your body somewhere:

The tiny mic isn’t doing everything itself: it communicates wirelessly with a radio pack concealed somewhere else on the wearer’s body, using a technology called Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI). It’s shorter range than most wireless communication systems, but it also uses less power.


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