Tesco Malaysia’s new Scan and Shop app

Tesco Malaysia is getting ready to roll out a new for use in its stores nationwide and it seems to be a really useful one. The Scan & app is part of the company’s efforts in digitalising its business and enhancing customer experience. Currently, 59 out of 60 Tesco stores in Malaysia are ready for the new system.

Scan & Shop is an app that allows you to scan all items found in a Tesco store, which is useful in helping you keep track of what you’re planning to buy and the prices. It’ll also make checkout easier since you can go to the counter and show the barcode that can be generated by the app based on what’s added ‘to cart’.

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The advantage of doing this is you get to pay without the cashier needing to check the items and scanning them. Technically, it’s because you’ve already scanned the items yourself so in a way, it’s like a self-service cashier system. Of course, what’s really useful is that you’ll know how much you need to spend in advance so you can decide whether to add or remove items as necessary.

Tesco Malaysia also announced that its stores will now start to accept payment via e-wallets. You can pay either through AliPay, Boost, GoodKredit, GrabPay, Kiple, Mcash, and TnG Digital. This move is in line with the government’s goal of turning Malaysia into a cashless society.


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