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The CSS3 Responsive Backgrounds plugin for WordPress is a powerful replacement for the default custom background appearance option in your admin panel. CSS3 Responsive Backgrounds gives you full control over all CSS3 background properties, allows you to layer multiple background images (with control over all properties of each image), and apply custom backgrounds to any HTML element or any CSS class or id. Backgrounds can be attached to individual posts and/or pages using the “Select Post” feature; this feature allows you to search through a list of your WordPress posts and pages and easily select which ones you would like to display your custom background on.

One of the key features of CSS3 Responsive Backgrounds is the ability to create backgrounds based on responsive CSS media queries. Each new background page that you create has a media query attached to it which can be completely customized using the included Media Query Builder tool. Media Query Builder has over 20 device and screen resolution presets and allows you to construct your own customized media queries with an easy to use interface. Due to the high quality algorithms in place, it is next to impossible to construct an invalid media query with Media Query Builder.

In addition to giving you full control over your CSS3 background properties, CSS3 Responsive Backgrounds allows you to insert any additional CSS styles into your set media queries, making it the ultimate CSS3 responsive design tool for WordPress.


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