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Custom Page Templates – Advanced WordPress plugin

Easily create and re-define any page template of your WordPress website using your favorite Visual Composer page builder.

Customize Any Page Template

Custom Page Templates plugin uses rules to apply templates by conditions you need. There are the following attributes you can adjust to target your template:
  • Status: Enable or disable rule
  • Priority: defines the order of rules to be processed. Rule with a lower number will be processed first.
  • Request: here you set the type of page you want to apply this template for
  • User: allows to apply template only if current user has is logged in or out, or has particular role
  • Post Terms: apply template only if currently displayed post is assigned to particular categories, tags or any custom taxonomy terms
  • Post Formats: apply template only if currently displayed post is of particular post format

Create Templates With Visual Composer

There is no need to modify files and write PHP/HTML code. Everything can be done right from the editor.

Precisely Control

Template rules give you a complete freedom to precisely control where and when exactly your templates will be applied. There is no limit to the amount of templates you can create in total or for a single page type. Amont request types, you’ll find the following options:
  • Front page
  • 404 Error Page
  • Search Page
  • Blog Home
  • Date Archive
  • Author Page
  • Custom Post Type Archives
  • Single Post of any registered post type: Blog Post, Page, WooCommerce Product, Portfolio, etc.
  • Single Term of any registered taxonomy type: Category, Tag, Product Category, Product Tag, etc.

Supercharge All Your Shortcodes

Dynamic Shortcode Values allows you to dynamically re-define any shortcode’s attribute, content or your custom placeholder. This is an amazing and irreplaceable feature allowing you creating really powerful templates. And one of the most pleasant things is that it’s automatically integrates with all your existing shortcodes.

30+ Shortcodes

The plugin ships additional shortcodes to give you a better creating freedom.

Restrict Your Content

User Content Restriction component is a wonderful addition to your management assets. It allows you to selectively display parts of your content by user logged status, user role or your custom function. And all this you do with a few clicks right from your editor panel in Visual Composer. The truly good aspect is that it’s automatically integrates with all your existing shortcodes.

It Works With Your Theme

The plugin is independent of a theme, making it work with every theme available on the market today. Despite this fact, it has been specially tested with the most popular themes on the market today, like Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, Enfold, U-Design and You Theme.
There are brilliant plugins on the market today that help you create better websites. Custom Page Templates is all about flexibility and thus it supports the following stunning WordPress plugins: Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Massive Addons for Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer.

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