Analysts Make Jaw Dropping Prediction About Galaxy S10


It recently came to light that Samsung could offer four different models of the when its next flagship smartphone goes on sale in 2019. We had heard about three separate models previously, the fourth one is believed to be the absolute top-of-the-line. Some analysts are now making jaw dropping predictions about this particular model.

The earlier report had said that this model of the Galaxy S10 is going to feature a massive 6.7 inch display and a total of six cameras, four at the back and two at the front. It will also be the one with support.

GF Securities analysts are of the view that this model of the Galaxy S10 is going to feature a whopping 12GB of RAM. It may also have 1 of storage. It’s unclear whether they’re predicting 1 of native storage or 512GB storage with a 512GB microSD card, because that’s how the Galaxy 9 hits its “1TB in your pocket” claim.

12GB of RAM on this smartphone will really be a stretch. It may very well be the first of its kind if this turns out to be accurate. Some manufacturers have made smartphones with 10GB of RAM but they have yet to hit the market. File this as a rumor until more information surfaces about the memory and storage configurations of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

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