Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag


Keep your cans cold and your hands free with the Bag. This pack combines the best features of a dry and a daypack so you can comfortably carry cold cans and bottles. Ideal for a day at the beach, boating, barbequing or camping, the Cool Bag replaces a heavy, large cooler. In addition, it can hold 14 beer bottles or 18 cans. Plus, it works as a floatation device whenever you need it to.

Made of ripstop tarpaulin, the exterior is waterproof and REACH certified. Similarly, the insulating core maintains cold temperatures for longer. It’s also padded for extra protection. Moreover, the bag provides a weatherproof front pocket so you can store your wallet, phone, and keys. The Undercover Cool Bag even comes with a concealed metal bottle opener so you can always open a cold one.

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