Siri Can Now Be Programmed To Launch Google Assistant


Apple does allow third-party voice assistants on its platform but they don’t get deep integration with the system. That’s served for Siri, Apple’s own voice assistant, even though its rivals are now capable of doing much more than it can. Google is now relying on a Siri feature to let iPhone users summon by simply asking the native voice assistant.

iOS 12 brought the Shortcuts feature for Siri. It allows users to create their customized Siri-based commands for third-party apps. Google is utilizing this feature in the latest update of Google Assistant for iOS to allow iPhone owners to launch Assistant by simply asking Siri.

They have set up a voice command like “Hey Siri, launch Assistant” to have Google Assistant come up whenever they want. With support for Siri Shortcuts now present, it will also be possible for users to talk to Assistant hands-free if the device is unlocked by using the same command.

It can also be used to execute a smart home routine in Google Assistant which lets the personal assistant execute multiple commands at once. In a smart home environment, that could mean turning off the lights, thermostats, and more when you simply say “Hey Google, I’m out.”

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