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Kronos Spintax Post Expirator Plugin for WordPress

Kronos is the personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature. Kronos governed linear, chronological time. Starting from now, you can use the powers of Kronos to automatically delete old posts from your WordPress blog!

What Can You Do With This Plugin?

Kronos Automatic Post Expirator Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge (made in 2017) post expirator (auto deleter) plugin. It uses a built-in wp-cron engine to automatically delete posts, as you define in it’s settings!

Kronos Post Expirator plugin allows the page admin to set expiration dates for both posts and pages and any custom post type you have active on the current WordPress installation. There are a number of different ways that the posts can expire:

  • older/newer selection
  • by fixed date – posts older/newer than 21/01/2010
  • by relative date – posts older than 30 days

Other post filtering options:

  • post author name
  • post category
  • post tags
  • post title
  • post comment status
  • post ping status
  • ignore sticky posts
  • post meta key/meta value
  • post type
  • post status
  • post slug
  • post search keywords

Other plugin features:

  • delete posts permanently or move them to trash
  • set old posts as draft or pending
  • reset publish date for old posts, to the current time (refresh posts) – video
  • detailed plugin activity logging
  • scheduled cleanup running (using wp-cron)

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Testing this plugin

  • You can test the plugin’s functionality using the ‘Test Site Expirator’. Here you can try the plugin’s full functionality. Note that the generated testing blog will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Learn more about this plugin

Need support?

Please check our knowledge base, it may have the answer to your question or a solution for your issue. If not, just email me at and I will respond as soon as I can.



Version 1.0 Release Date 2017-08-10

First version released!

Version 1.1 Release Date 2017-08-13

Fixed some issues

Version 1.1.1 Release Date 2017-08-17

Fix some minor issues

Version 1.1.2 Release Date 2017-10-22


Version 1.1.3 Release Date 2017-10-25

Fixed some css

Version 1.1.4 Release Date 2017-10-27

Made the plugin timezone aware
Added some more logging
Added an option to specify the batch size for post deletion

Version 1.1.5 Release Date 2018-01-01

Added option to skip posts from selected categories

Version 1.1.6 Release Date 2018-02-24

Fixed trashing of woocommerce products not functioning
Added the ability to set posts as 'draft' or 'pending' instead of deleting them

Version 1.1.7 Release Date 2018-04-24

Added the ability to 'reset post publish date', if post older than specified date

Version 1.1.8 Release Date 2018-05-20

Added the ability to assign random post date to 'reset post publish date' feature

Version 1.1.9 Release Date 2018-06-20

Added more flexibility to plugin auto running

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WordPress 4.9 Tested!

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