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WordPress plugin with same features available here

About this Plugin

PDF Viewer is a responsive Javascript plugin for embedding PDF files on a webpage. It is coded in pure Javascript, and does not require jQuery to work. So you can use this in AngularJS or ReactJS applications also.

You can get analytics data like whether user has seen all pages of the PDF.
You can also send this data to Google Analytics.


  1. Embed a PDF document in a HTML element
  2. Embed multiple PDFs in the same page
  3. Allow the PDF to be seen only in the website. On download, PDF will ask for a password.
  4. Responsive design – will adjust accordingly on mobiles, desktops, tablets
  5. Embed multiple PDF documents in a single page
  6. “Previous” & “Next” buttons to move to previous and next pages of the PDF
  7. Loading progress bar will be seen while PDF is being rendered
  8. “Full Screen” button to render the PDF in full-screen mode
  9. View a PDF in a modal dialog
  10. Convert any existing link to displaying PDF on the same page
  11. “Download” button to download the PDF. You can choose to show or hide it.
  12. Use keyboard buttons – up, down, right & left to navigate the pages of the PDF
  13. Set a theme color for PDF Viewer to match with your current website
  14. Automatically extract first page of PDF as an image. Click on it opens the PDF in a modal window
  15. Get analytics data – PDF impressions and whether PDF is fully viewed
  16. Will work in all browsers including IE11+ and also in mobile browsers
  17. Documentation with lots of examples

Developer Features

  1. Highly commented code
  2. It is based on the stable PDF.JS library
  3. Comes with a thorough documentation
  4. Example files are included that will demonstrate embedding single or multiple PDF documents


  1. Each license (Regular or Extended) of this plugin is for one website. If you want to use the plugin on additional websites you need to purchase licenses for each.
  2. If this plugin is used in a section where the user of your website has to pay, you need to purchase an extended license.

Change Log

Version 3.3

  • PDF.JS library updated to version 1.9

Version 3.2

  • Set toolbar position to top or bottom

Version 3.0

  • Get analytics data

Version 3.1

  • Send analytics data to Google Analytics

Version 2.1

  • Restrict PDF to be seen only in the webpage. PDF can be downloaded, but viewing requires a password.
  • Show or hide the download button

Version 2.0

  • Plugin made responsive
  • Navigate PDF pages with keyboard arrow keys
  • Convert any existing link on page to a modal PDF viewer

Version 1.3

  • Improved user interface (specially for mobiles)
  • CSS fixes

Version 1.2

3 modes added to PDF Viewer :

  • Normal mode in which PDF will be rendered with navigation buttons
  • Image mode in which only the first page of PDF is shown as image. On clicking this PDF is shown as a modal
  • Inline text mode – On clicking a text, PDF is seen as a modal

Version 1.1

  • You can now set a theme color for the PDF Viewer
  • Fixed navigation bar in full-screen mode
  • Improved icons


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