Fitbit OS 3.0 brings more third-party app support

Fitbit is updating its Ionic and Versa watches today with the latest version of Fitbit OS, which adds for a handful of new third-party apps. Fitbit OS 3.0 will also let quickly log their water intake, sleep, and weight straight from the watch instead of through the mobile .

Of the new third-party apps, some of the more notable are Couch to 5K and Achu Health. Couch to 5K is a popular training that coaches beginning runners toward completing a long-distance race, and the app can display daily exercise goals on the watch. Achu Health measures your body for unusual temperature spikes unrelated to exercise to predict potential illnesses. Other partner apps will arrive next , including TRX, Gold’s Gym, and Mindbody.


The OS update today will notably skip the Charge 3, meaning those users will have to keep waiting for additional third-party app support from popular brands. Although the company had no news to share on that end, it did tease an upcoming update for 2019 that will expand its female health tracking feature to show more , such as symptom trends. While those points may be useful to some users, Fitbit’s female health tracking is still far behind other dedicated apps, which comprehensive tools for family planning and menopause tracking.

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