Samsung Shows Off Its Flexible Display Concept | Phones


today showed its folding technology for the first time. The company had been hinting for several months that it would debut a folding . The Infinity Flex is what Samsung calls the future of smartphone screens. Samsung used new materials to design the from scratch. Samsung says the Infinity Flex can be unfolded and folded hundreds of thousands of times without degradation. The company created a new adhesive, reduced the thickness of the polarizer by creating a new, thinner material, and made changes to the OLED panel itself to ensure flexibility. The cover is a fully functioning touchscreen of unspecified size. For a bigger screen experience, users can unfold it to reveal the full 7.3-inch . Together with One UI, the foldable relies on continuity so the app on the cover ports to the inner fort seamless transitions. It can support up to three apps running in multitasking mode. This is called Multi-Active Windows. Samsung said it should be able to start mass production of the Infinity Flex Display in the coming months.

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