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WordPress Theme for Business: Elegance & Simplicity Mastered

Responsive and Modern design aren?t just buzzwords, they describe a user experience that is seamless, meaningful, simple and pleasing on the eye.

Schon theme displaying on iMac and iPhone.

Having a lightweight, professionally designed modern Theme for your business, sends a message of professionalism and attention to detail that inspire customers to start their business with you.

The average everyday internet user will give you 4 seconds to convince them to stick around. Does your website meet that criteria? Are your customs confused by your content and online presence?

A man is browsing a business website that is using Schon theme.

With Schon, we have spent tireless hours developing and designing so that your business maintains a simple, yet professional experience for your customers.

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Schon is super lightweight Business Theme for WordPress that easily adapts to meet and exceed your business website requirements.

Every key element of business is covered with custom post types and of course all the Social Media icons you could ever need.

Portfolio page of Schon on iPhone.

Considerable time has been spent developing the Custom Meta Info for Portfolio items so that now you can easily create your own custom meta! Finally, move beyond to defaults ‘Date, Client, Website’.

Explore the Team features to showcase your best works and profile your employees with the elegant and customisable ‘Team Page’.

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No stone has been left unturned with Schon with every business element covered from a simple Contact Page incorporating Google Maps so you can be found easily, to a feature rich FAQ Page and the dreaded 404 Page all perfectly catered for. Most pages you see on the preview are already included in an XML file right in the package.

With the Award Winning Plugin ‘Visual Composer’ packaged up in the deal, building custom pages to suit your business has never been easier – no coding required!

Key Features

  • Award Winning ‘Visual Composer’ plugin included – FREE!
  • Intuitive page slider – no coding needed
  • Clean, modern, professional design
  • Completely responsive across all modern devices
  • Custom post types include Portfolio, Team & Testimonials


We fully support operational components such as features usage, issue, bug, or the fix that are mainly related to the theme and to make the theme working properly. Please go to for our support site.

Connect with Us

Let’s get in touch for the latest news and updates!

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Full Feature List

  • Create custom lists with custom meta info for Portfolios
  • Google Maps integration
  • Social network icons (you can also create your own list!)
  • Translation-ready using provided PO file
  • Multilingual support using WPML plugin
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms plugin
  • Fonts and colors changing using Customizer with live preview
  • Google Fonts supported
  • Page custom sidebars
  • Supports WP Retina 2x plugin for retina-ready feature
  • Fully support Child Theme
  • Clean, well-organized and files structure
  • XML dummy data file included
  • Extensive documentation with all detailed installation steps and tutorials

What Our Customers Say

Schon WP Theme Reviews

Additional Note

This theme is for self-hosted WordPress sites only ( It is not compatible with “” sites. Here are the differences between the two:

Most photos in the live preview are not included in the package. However, we have instead created all image placeholders for you so you can quickly apply your own images to the areas.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your interests. Your comments and ratings would be much appreciated.


Version 1.1.8 (Dec 16, 2017)
- Update: Google Maps API URL
- Update: VC to 5.4.5

Version 1.1.7 (Mar 15, 2017)
- Update: VC to 5.1

Version 1.1.6 (Oct 27, 2016)
- Fix: Remove duplicated "uxbarn_get_footer_social_list_string()" functions
- Update: Add "portfolioid" to the slider type of portfolio element

Version 1.1.5 (Oct 2, 2016)
- New: Option for using Font Awesome icons in the site's social icon area
- New: Custom theme's  for VC's Posts Grid element (XML file is provided in the package for import)
- Fix: The slider type of Portfolio Element that did not display
- Fix: Media Masonry element that won't call lightbox when image gallery element is missing on the same page
- Update: Implement "srcset" attribute in page slider, portfolio slider and team on their single page
- Update: Add "portfolioid", "teamid", and "tmnlid" into the class name of their elements
- Update: Code in the HTML header
- Update: Remove unused scripts and  in some part
- Update: Other code improvement
- Update: VC to 4.12.1
- Update: UXbarn Portfolio to
- Update: PO file

Version 1.1.4 (Aug 16, 2016)
- Add a new option for users to add their own Google Maps API key in Theme Options
- Add "Vietnamese" in the Google character set

Version 1.1.3 (Jun 29, 2016)
- Enabled VC Frontend Editor
- Updated TGMPA class to 2.6.1
- Updated text domain loading to use only "uxbarn" 
- Updated PO file

Version 1.1.2 (Jun 21, 2016)
- Fixed a bug in Google Fonts URL encoding
- Updated VC to 4.12

Version 1.1.1 (Apr 16, 2016)
- Fixed the lightbox code by replacing "rel" with "data-rel" in the theme JS file
- Displayed portfolio custom meta info as a link if it contains URL
- Enabled the import/export functionality of the OptionTree plugin
- Updated "sanitize_callback" of Custom CSS field to fix the line break removal
- Updated TGMPA class which fixed the permission error
- Updated VC to
- Updated PO file

Version 1.1.0 (Mar 9, 2016)
- Unhide the Google Fonts subsets in VC Settings.
- Fixed the CSS of image overflow issue on Firefox.
- Fixed "registerFancyBoxToWPImage()" in schon.js.
- Fixed the code of calling Fancybox for VC media grid element.
- Updated the "Back" word of mobile menu to be able to translate via PO file.
- Removed placeholder script as it can affect 3rd party web forms.
- Implemented a new theme update feature. (You can read more in the documentation.)
- Updated TGMPA class with a new multiple plugin update feature.
- Updated VC to 4.10

- Updated UXbarn Portfolio to 1.2.1
     - Updated the code to display category checkboxes vertically with subcategories.
     - Changed the action of loading element to "vc_before_init".
     - Updated the code to get the list of categories.
     - Changed how the meta boxes are loaded in separate functions.
     - Updated the shortcode output to use "vc_map_get_attributes()".
     - Updated the custom code in the theme.

- Updated UXbarn Team to 1.1.5
     - Fixed the WPML comparison operator.
     - Changed the action of loading element to "vc_before_init".
     - Updated the code to get the list of team members.
     - Changed how the meta boxes are loaded in separate functions.
     - Updated the shortcode output to use "vc_map_get_attributes()".
     - Updated the custom code in the theme.

- Updated UXbarn Testimonials to 1.0.6
     - Fixed the WPML comparison operator.
     - Updated the code to display item checkboxes vertically.
     - Changed the action of loading element to "vc_before_init".
     - Updated the code to get the list of testimonials.
     - Updated the shortcode output to use "vc_map_get_attributes()".
     - Fixed "Fatal error: Call to undefined function uxbarn_get_array_value()".

- Updated PO file.
- Updated documentation.

Version 1.0.2 (Jan 13, 2016)
- Added "data-" right before the "slide-image-width" and "slide-image-height" attributes
- Fixed double-line button display
- Fixed the typo of "0 Comments" 
- Removed any specific "http" out of the asset references
- Updated VC to 4.9.1

Version 1.0.1 (Oct 31, 2015)
- Fixed the display of testimonials on mobile
- Fixed submenu's underline color that's not changed by the customizer
- Fixed page slider that sometimes throws a PHP error when using its global setting
- Fixed a single quote display in the word "Theme's Default Style" 
- Updated the href attribute from "#" to "javascript:;" to fix an issue on some iPhone
- Cleaned the schon.js file by removing unused code
- Updated the PO file
- Updated VC to 4.8
- Updated the documentation

Version 1.0.0 (Oct 14, 2015)
- First release.


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