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Adds a WYSIWYG editor to WooCommerce product categories and product tags in the WordPress admin.

Product category and tag pages make perfect landing pages for search results. And Google loves long-form content on landing pages.

This plugin lets you add SEO rich content to product category and product tag archive pages that appears below the list of products so they don’t get pushed below the fold.

The standard product category and product tag description can still be used for shorter introductory text that appears above the list of products.

The plugin also includes a widget which you can use to display the description and / or details fields in any widget area.

There is a settings page added under:

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Category and Tag Descriptions

which lets you turn off the on-page display of the description and details fields if you prefer to show them via the widget.

It also lets you decide whether or not you want the details field to appear on paged pages (ie. on page 2 onwards of archives with products that span more than 1 page).

The plugin uses ‘custom term meta’ introduced in WordPress 4.4 to ensure everything is stored in exactly the right place in your database (without requiring custom tables).

It doesn’t rely on WP Options Table hacks.

WordPress 4.4 or greater is required.


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