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WOLIVE WordPress analytics plugin

WOLIVE is a plugin that allows you track your WordPress Website & Woocommerce Store. It’s POWERFUL YET SIMPLE WORDPRESS ANALITYCS. With just one click, WOLIVE gives you comprenhesive data to undersantand your visitors in real time.

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Do you know what your visitors are doing ?

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Visitor tracker

Wolive unlike Google Analytics, analyzes the behavior of each visitor’s actions of your WordPress. One by one. See if your users do what you want them to do. View pages, post, index, searches, add to cart, coupons, etc. 100% real time.

Woocommerce live cart

See what your customers are doing in your store. This dashboard shows you the products of your store that the visitors are adding in this moment.


Wolive has a large number of reports to analize the behavior of your visitors. In this section you can analize by date what happens in your wordpress.

User segmentation

One of the best things is how easy it’s to segment your visitors. Just browse and apply the available filters.

One click setup

Don’t waste your time struggling with complex software settings.
WOLIVE launches upon activation – minimal configuration, immediate results.


  WP Clicky Analytics MonsterInsights
Quick Setup X
Visitor tracker options X X X
Inside WordPress X
Simple Powerful Dashboard X X X
Woocommerce Integration X X
Woocommerce Dashboard X X X
Real-time Analytics X
Woocommerce Real-time X X X


WOLIVE is compatible with anything WordPress Theme & the most popular page builders:

  • Visual Composer
  • Divi theme & Page Builder
  • Avada theme

Ready for WOLIVE?

Understand what your visitors are doing on your site with:

  • WordPress intelligence with real-time analytics
  • Live tracking for WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Super easy integration with one click setup
  • Free Download addons

TRY PLUGIN FREE: demo.wolive.me/login_demo


05.10.2017 - 1.1.5
     - Feature - Campaigns tracking, for more information visit: https://goo.gl/JUAwKq
     - Block Bot for CloudFare.
     - Add IP to view user.
     - Fix bug about old browsers and user tracking.
     - Final release for envato ¡Enjoy!. License & Support includes.


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