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The absolute best solution to synchronise WooCommerce products between multiple WordPress webshops!

This plugin is not limited to just two websites, instead you can choose an unlimited amount of WordPress websites to sync products between. With just a couple of clicks you set up a “master” WooCommerce website from which you’ll be able to sync all (or a selection of) products to ALL (or a selection of) your other WooCommerce webshops. No limitations here.

We use the official WooCommerce REST API, which means you do not need to use WordPress multi-site. We just create a secure connection between the webshops through this REST API connection. What this means for you? Easy implementation and a secure connection between your sites that could even be hosted in complete different countries.

What you will get

  • Hassle free product synchronisation between webshops
  • Share products, variations, attributes, tags and categories
  • Two-way product stock synchronisation (since v1.3)
  • Choose which products will be shared to each webshop
  • Restrict access to view only certain products on connected webshops
  • Supports variable products, pictures and downloadable files
  • See exactly which products are shared to which specific webshop on the product overview page
  • Optionally add a percentage to the price on specific webshops
  • No multi-site required, just install the plugin on each WordPress WooCommerce website and start sharing!

What you will not get

  • No more headaches of keeping your products in sync between your webshops

Who is this for?
Most likely, you.
If you’re here, you must be interested in sharing products between multiple WooCommerce webshops. Search no more. This plugin is what you’re looking for.
Not entirely sure? Ask away, we’ll be happy to help.

Who made this?
This plugin is written by a team of full-time WordPress developers who offer active support. If you have a question about our products, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

You can read the entire documentation here »


Version 1.3.1
Bugfix release (category sync, custom attributes, etc)

Full changelog can be found here »


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