Medtronic rolls out updated iPro2 glucose-monitoring app, expands relationship with Nutrino | Tech News

Device giant Medtronic rolled out an updated meal-logging app for its iPro2 glucose-monitoring device that can be used by physicians and patients to help keep diabetes in check.

The myLog app uses FoodPrint Report, developed by Nutrino, which allows patients to grade their meals based on their body’s reaction to the food they eat. This, Medtronic said, will let patients better understand the link between the types of food they eat and glucose variability.

Users only need to take a picture of their meals and snacks with their smartphone and, after completing a six-day continuous glucose-monitoring evaluation (CGM), the information is synced with sensor glucose data from the iPro2 and two unique reports are generated: the Pattern Snapshot and the new FoodPrint report. 

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The FoodPrint report uses the snapshots to grade each meal and snack. When combined, the two reports can help the patient and their physician develop a personalized therapy and treatment plan.

“By making it easier to communicate relevant, personal insights about food’s impact on diabetes, Medtronic arms physicians and diabetes educators with a powerful coaching tool that will help drive positive behavior change,” Sheri Dodd, a Medtronic vice president and general manager for Non-Intensive Diabetes Therapies, said in a statement.

Additionally, Medtronic said it is expanding its two-year partnership with Nutrino by deploying food data and FoodPrint insights across all Medtronic’s Diabetes Group businesses.

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