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The PS4 has been the best-selling console of this generation by far. In 2018 alone, the PS4 has churned out exclusives like God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Spider-Man which has let the PS4 build its lead even further.

Another thing that sets the PS4 apart from the other consoles this generation is the VR aspect. The Playstation VR is Sony’s attempt to take on the VR market and it has done a great job so far. The PSVR has become very affordable over the two years it has been on the market making 2018 an excellent time to jump in.

Since it has been on the market for two years now the PSVR has had plenty of time to build up a library of leaving buyers with a lot to look forward to.

Here are the 10 best games currently available on PSVR, in no particular order.

1. Skyrim VR

If you’re somehow not sick of buying Skyrim yet then you might be interested in picking it up on PSVR.

Skyrim VR is the full-fledged Skyrim experience completely converted into VR and it somehow might end up being the best version of the game you’ve played, depending on how big of a fan of VR you are.

Nothing quite beats the ability to shoot flames out of both of your hands playing VR. It’s also nice to see the world of Skyrim and feel like you’re actually in it.



The reboot of DOOM was one of 2016’s best games of the year. If you’re looking for more action before the release of DOOM Eternal then look no further than DOOM VFR.

DOOM VFR isn’t a remake of DOOM 2016 in VR but instead, it’s a brand new game completely. The opening scene shows your character being annihilated by a charging demon which causes him to be rebuilt as your VR character.

The campaign is painfully short, taking only about four hours to complete, and the controls can be wonky at times but it’s still a lot of fun to through.

Many players will swear by using the DualShock 4 but I played through using the Moves while standing up and had a lot of fun with it.

3. Beat Saber

When Beat Saber launched on it was met with loads of positive remarks by fans. Beat Saber has now arrived on PSVR giving a whole new audience a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Beat Saber will players in control of two sabers and make them slash blocks while listening to a song. It’s best described as either Rock Band or Guitar Hero but in VR. The game is only playable with the Moves so make sure you have those before purchasing.

One major issue players will run into on PSVR is there a lot fewer songs as the PSVR version will not have access to a third-party library or mods. This isn’t a deal breaker but it will put a damper on things for some players.

4. Resident Evil 7


Resident Evil 7 has been out for a little while now but it’s a whole new ballgame if you play it in VR.

The entire game is completely playable in VR and several players swear by it once you try it for the first time.

If you’re prone to motion sickness in your VR games then you might want to ease this one in. One thing is for certain and that’s this will be the most immersed you’ve ever been in a Resident Evil game.

5. Batman: Arkham VR

For those of you expecting Batman: Arkham VR to be a full Batman Arkham experience then you’ve come to the wrong place.

The VR version of the Batman series is more investigative than anything and it’s a pretty short experience. Don’t come into this game expecting a do a lot of flying around as Batman. What the game does offer is one of the most immersive PSVR experiences available currently.

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In a lot of ways Batman: Arkham VR acts as a game that shows what the PSVR is capable of. As a result, this is a title best picked up during a sale.

6. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn is one of the earlier PS4 exclusives and its unique blend of a B-horror movie and the character choice-driven gameplay proved to be a hit among fans.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood throws all of that out of the window and is actually an on-rails shooter that will still prove it has something to offer for fans of the original game.

Characters and details will pop up from Until Dawn so if you’ve played the first game you’ll get some fun callbacks. With all that said Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a good game but if you’re expecting it to be like Until Dawn but in VR then you’re probably going to want to find another game.

7. Superhot VR

Superhot VR might be a game you got for free with a bundle and have thrown it away to the side. Let me tell you right now that’s a bad idea.

Superhot VR may look like a simple game but it’s one of the best VR experiences I’ve had so far. This title represents your best shot at feeling like you’re in the matrix without actually being in it.

You have to constantly loot the guns of your dead enemies meaning there isn’t a whole lot of downtime in this game but man, it’s so much fun.

8. Job Simulator

Job Simulator is the perfect VR game to jump into if you want to get your so-called “VR legs” and try other games in the future.

This “game” allows you to step into the role of numerous jobs and get a feel for how they work in VR. In the game’s world, all of the human jobs have been replaced by robots so your work is cut out for you.

With such a silly idea for a game, it’s hard to imagine you not having fun with it, especially if you are just getting started in the world of VR.

9. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Astro Bot, PSVR’s mascot, is back with a game of his own and it’s a platformer. You might be thinking how you can play a platformer in VR and that’s a fair question.

It’s hard to actually explain but you actually appear in the game with your DualShock 4 controller so you’re not actually in first-person doing the jumps you’d usually see in a platformer. Disaster averted, right?

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is definitely one of the best PSVR games on the market so you should give it a try as soon as you can. The $40 price tag might prove to be a bit steep for many players but don’t take it from me alone. A quick Google search shows many other players share the same feelings.

10. Tetris Effect

You’ve played Tetris before. Your mom and dad have played Tetris before. We’ve all played Tetris before.

What makes this the best version of Tetris available on the market today you ask? VR. While you can play Tetris Effect free of VR, the VR aspect is what elevates it to the best Tetris game ever.

The formula hasn’t necessarily grown stale over the years but it has left players for little reason to pick up the next installments consistently. Seeing the blocks drop in VR along with all the visuals going on while that’s happening make this a must-buy if you’re a Tetris and VR fan. Heck, the game even looks beautiful without VR.

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