10 Biggest Fixes Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Needs Immediately

Fall : Knockout is a fun battle royale game, but it's not perfect. The game needs these fixes ASAP.

Battle royale is a relatively new genre and developers are constantly exploring new ideas within the space. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the most recent, original contribution to the large-scale multiplayer battles. Instead of a shooter, players compete in various game modes, with each round eliminating more players until one victor emerges.

The reception has largely been positive, but some issues and inconveniences are preventing the product from really shining. The developer is hard at work fixing the title, and hopefully they address these ten issues as soon as possible. If they remedy these, the game could live on for years to come.

Online Connection Issues

This one is an issue for almost any game largely relying on online multiplayer. Almost a week after release players are still having issues finding games. Once in a game, everything is smooth sailing, but connection errors are prevalent when in a lobby. The longer it takes for these issues to resolve, the fewer players are willing to stick around until all is well.

Ways For Losers To Engage After Losing

Usually, players leave a game right after losing in a battle royale. Some spectate, but there is no reason to watch save for personal interest. This presents a problem when friends are playing together and one is eliminated early in the match. They should have some sort of diversion to prevent boredom from setting in while their buddy is still competing. Maybe a mini-game or the ability to play as a ghost with no influence on other players.

Split-Screen Multiplayer

It is understandable for FPS battle royales to lack split-screen because of their large maps, but most of Fall Guys' modes are linear and take place in small spaces.

Would it be impossible to implement split-screen multiplayer for siblings and buddies who want to play together on the same console? Maybe they fear it would present a conflict of interest during the finale, but they let people party up already over the Internet.

More Randomness Within The Game Modes

With people already growing accustomed to the game modes, some are becoming experts at several of them. Perhaps it is a good idea for them to introduce more randomness within the maps. Even apparent randomness boils down to patterns, so things completely out of the blue would help even the playing field. They could test this out first with special events if they didn't want to commit to it full time.

Characters Starting Out Without Tails

Some mini-games require holding a tail to avoid elimination. One of the finales boils down to this, which makes it sort of unfair when one character starts out with it by default. To make it more interesting, why not place the tail somewhere on the map, either in the middle or somewhere randomly hidden?

Chat Rooms

Currently, there is no way to communicate with other players except for being in a party. Players should be able to talk or type during the course of a match for some friendly chit chat between rounds. Of course, there are plenty of ways this could go south, especially for younger players. Maybe they could compromise and have it turned off by default and make players manually activate it in the options.

More Maps

The variety starting out is decent, but those playing every day or even somewhat consistently will start to grow tired of the current offerings. To ensure a faithful player base, the developer needs to add more maps. Hopefully, they do this sooner rather than later to hold onto the players they already have. The unique game has the potential to add so much variety due to its format.

More Cosmetic Options

This one should be the least of the developer's worries at this point. Once they have the major gameplay hangups sorted out, it would be nice to have more cosmetic options. A decent amount exists within the game now, but with sixty players in each match, many avatars tend to look the same. With more cosmetic options, players have better choices to individualize their character. The question is if the developer wants all the avatars to maintain a universal art style or let the aesthetic run rampant.

Practice Mode

Especially during these early weeks when people sometimes have trouble finding games, it would help pass the time if players could manually choose a game mode and play it for some practice. This, paired with split-screen, could make Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout a great title to boot up at a party. It would also help less experienced players catch up with some of the pros.


These days most major multiplayer games are enabling cross-play so friends can play together regardless of platform. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its accompanying battle royale, Warzone, has found heightened success thanks to this feature. Fall Guys does not have this at the moment, though hopefully, it comes in the future. More players only make for a healthier community.

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