10 Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, and the rest of the zany cast always take the opportunity to bash each other with anything and everything. A new mobile RPG featuring the Looney crew lets you command an army of your favorites against a flood of opposing parties. You’ll send them into battle, give them assorted tasks to complete, and have them defend/steal priceless crates. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem is far deeper than you might expect, though. To help you navigate its complex systems, we’re here to guide you on prevail in a mobile Looney Tunes world!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Looney Tunes World of Mayhem:

1. The Basics of Battle

Your full army of four toons will be thrown into an endless amount of battles. These battles will mainly take place in the Campaign and Brawl battles that entail attacking other players’ teams. These battles are done in order to capture chests that take time to crack open. Each Toon you set up for your party are separated into three classes – Attacker, Defender, and Support. Your Toons are also classified under different themes, too – Forest, WB Studio, Avalooney, Town etc. It’s always worth checking out each of your unlocked Toons in order to study up on their relationships with other Toons and what their Skills do.
Looney Tunes World of MayhemOnce a Brawl battle begins, there’s a couple of methods you need to adopt in order to attain victory. Beforehand, set up a team that covers all three classes. As for the fourth Toon member, make sure to fill that position with another Attacker. You should immediately use each of your Toon’s more powerful offensive or stat boosting Skills. These Skills should give you the early lead.

By the way – if you have a character that can damage multiple foes at once, use it ASAP! While the Skills you just used are recharging, you should spam your basic attacks in order to wear down your foes while you wait. Your Support character should be prepared to heal at all times (which means you should always have a Support toon capable of this Skill). Focus on wiping out one enemy at a time. And be sure to tap on any icons that pop up over each Toons’ head – you’ll get useful info on the character relationships that are currently active. You should always take advantage of these Toon stat boosts!

2. New Player Levels Unlocks New Modes, Campaign Chapters, and World Locations

• Your Player Level increases as you complete Campaign battles, Daily Goals, Quests, and Invasion stages. Hitting certain Player Levels unlocks new modes, such as Alliances and Challenges. Your increased Player Level also unlocks new regions for you to explore within the Campaign, which also leads to you getting access to new Toons and portions of the World your Toons inhabit. Another benefit of increasing your Player Level is the delivery of essential rewards you acquire for your efforts. Once you make it to Player Level 40, every portion of World of Mayhem finally becomes available to you.

3. Keep Your Army of Tunes in Tip Top Shape

Looney Tunes World of MayhemThe Campaign challenges you to put together different squads for each of the location chapters you unlock. Over time, you’ll acquire Toon pieces by completing certain Campaign battles, buying them from the Toon Store, and fulfilling the tasks attached to your Daily Goals, Quests, and Event Quests.

Once you add a new Toon to your collection, you should spend any XP Potions you have left in order to help them get closer to the power ratings of your other stronger Toons. You should also spend some time tuning up these new Toons so they acquire new Skills and passive stat boosts. Before you unlock another Toon, spread out your character upgrading efforts. That way, you’ll always have a wide variety of them to call upon for Campaign battles that ask for specific characters tied to certain locations.

4. The Preferred Approach to Campaign Battles & Item Farming

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Like we mentioned beforehand, you’ll want to upgrade as many of your Toons as possible. Upgrading a Toon from each location type means you’ll have enough of them to use in battle for upcoming Campaign chapters. You should always strive to attain a three-star rating for every Campaign battle – once you earn that rating for a completed Campaign battle, you unlock the option to Auto-Win it.

You can use your Energy Points in order to Auto-Win a mission up to three times. This is essentially the game’s way of helping you farm Campaign battles for the items you need. Just select a battle you’ve already beaten – if it has the items you really need, Auto-Win it three times to get the maximum amount of rewards it offers you.

5. Put Your Toons to Work

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Once you get access to the World option, a whole new set of actions becomes available to you. Each of your unlocked Toons needs Gold in order to plant their main building within the World. Once it’s there, you’ll get the chance to upgrade it – this helps unlock new task options and improves the rewards that drop after they’re completed.

Reaching new Player Levels unlocks the slots needed to put your Toons to work. While you’re playing the game, set up your Toons to complete the 20-minute tasks – they’ll be finished quicker before you know it! Once you’re ready to log-off, set up all your Toons to work on their six-hour tasks. They’ll be hard at work while you step away from the game. Once you return, you’ll be greeted by some of the best rewards in the game thanks to your Toons task work!

6. Regularly Participate in Brawls

Brawls pit your teams against player-created teams. Winning a brawl helps you nab a chest, which takes time to open. Before you attempt to hop into a Brawl, make sure you have an available slot for the chest you’re about to claim. You can also get your hands on some goodies by setting up a strong team of defenders for your chests while their unlock timer counts down. You’ll never want to be forced to crack open a chest by offering up your precious Gems. Opening new regions gives you more slots for the chests you acquire, so keep increasing your Player Level!

Winning Brawls gets you Trophy points, which goes towards filling your Brawl League meter. Once it fully fills, you’ll reach a new tier of the Brawl League and acquire some Medals. These Medals can then be spent on items within the League Store. So keep knocking down weaker teams in order to gain chests and more Trophy points. You should set aside a daily goal of your own – try to rank up at least two times within the Brawl League. Winning Brawls also gets you the stars needed to open one of the best crates in the game – the Star Crate! So make sure you win as many Brawls as possible so you can unlock one during every play session.

7. Spin the Wheel!

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

The Spin the Wheel option on the main menu lets you get your hand on valuable Toon pieces. All you gotta do is offer up Daily Tickets (which are given to you for completing the Daily Goals) and Golden Tickets (you can get these for free by beating the 10th Campaign battle of every chapter). Some of the best Toons can be acquired through this method, so take your chances with this special minigame!

8. Check Off All Your Daily Goals During Every Play Session

Daily Goals are pretty easy to clear off your to-do list. You should spend every minute of your play session in order to make sure that list is cleared by the time you’re ready to log-ff. Besides the bevy of items you get for completing each Daily Goal, you’ll also be given the Toon pieces tied to the character currently being advertised within the Daily Goals tab. By the time you log back in, a new list of Daily Goals will become available to you. This means you’ll gain even more chances to unlock a new Toon and the pieces needed to make them that much stronger!

9. Keep an Eye on Your Quests & Event Quests Progression

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

In the bottom right corner of the main menu, a notification message is usually there. This message notifies you of what Quests you should complete next. Just tap on that notification so you can head straight to the required Goal you’ve been asked to complete.

To get an inside look at the full list of Quests and Event Quests that are currently active, tap on the Goals notepad icon on the main menu. Fulfilling the requirements tied to your Quests and Event Quests helps you acquire Player Level XP, Gems, and Toon Pieces. You should also take a trip into your Alliance menu every now and then to see if an event is active. Participating in it and fulfilling the objective alongside your guild mates gets you some extra items from another useful crate!

10. Stack Up on Those Free Goodies and Gems!

Looney Tunes World of MayhemThere’s a couple of free rewards that World of Mayhem will gladly give you, such as a Daily Login Reward and a Looney Crate. These can be found by entering the Toon Store and tapping on the Offers tab. It’s pretty easy to gather Toon upgrade items, Illudium, Toon pieces, Tickets, and Gold just by playing through the game.

One of the harder item types to acquire is Gems. Gems can be used complete the game’s many time related activities, but you shouldn’t waste them on those jobs. You should always put them towards getting rare Toon pieces and valuable Crates in the Toon Store. Gems are usually given out sparingly if you complete Quests. On the main menu, you’re given the opportunity to get some extra Gems if you choose to sit through a few video advertisements.

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