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There are so many mechanics, menus and monsters to dissect with . Here are things you might not know, especially if you’re speeding through villager conversations and going straight into battle.

If you start putting the hurt on the Great Maccao or a Yian Kut-Ku, it’s not going to stay put. You’re the Hunter, not the other way around. Make sure to throw a paintball on big creatures at the start of battle and during a halfway point if encounter goes on and on.

Otherwise, you might find yourself wondering where that monster went. Big creatures will fly across the map to get rest or burrow to another area for a snack. If you’re not familiar with their behaviors, you may spend a lot of time searching for them. And once found, they may have replenished their health.

That’s right, if you let a Tetsucabra slumber too long in the Jurassic Frontier, it’ll be ready to fight again with a portion of its health restored, and that can be pretty frustrating.

However, if it has gone to sleep, capturing the monster may be the better option than finishing the kill.

Don’t expect to build a sweet set of armor or a deadly weapon from just defeating a monster once. Get ready to fight them a few times (at the least) before putting together a full armor set.

You will learn the ins and outs of a monster this way, though, and take it down faster and faster. Plus, you can always team up with friends to make it more fun.

With four Hunting Styles to select, you may find yourself wanting to check them all out as you play. To do so, go into your house and click on the Item Box.

At the bottom of the menu, you can choose a new Hunting Style and Hunting Arts.

If you decide to go from Dual Blades to Long Sword, take a gander at the new Hunting Arts available to you. There are weapon-specific arts available for every weapon.

When you’re mounting a monster, a minigame meter pops up. Hunters should attack when the creature’s head is green and hold on when it’s red. But here’s the trick. You can constantly hold down R, even while attacking. That makes it easier to switch back and forth.

You don’t need to hit the A button, gather a fern, and then do it again. Just hold down the button and you’ll gather everything until that resource is gone.

Have you ever noticed the hot air balloon in an area of Monster Hunter Generations? Well, if you wave at it, you’ll see where the large monster is on the map for a few seconds.

There are a lot of 1-Star Quests available in the [[[Hunters Hub Key Quests|Hunter’s Hub]] at the start, so it may be tempting to tackle them. But be warned, these quests are intended for parties of four hunters, so they’ll be significantly more difficult. Stick to solo missions in the village until you have the hang of hunting, then head online to find parties to hunt with in the Hub.

EditNot Every Quest is Mandatory

There a certain quests called “Key Quests” (which are a secret in-game!) that must be completed to progress to unlock the next rank of quests. You don’t actually have to do every single 2-Star quest, for example, to unlock 3-star. Check out Village Hub Key Quests and Hunters Hub Key Quests for a list of the mandatory tasks.

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