5 Abandoned Ubisoft Games That Should Be Brought Back

Many game companies have game IPs that haven't been used in years despite the demand to see more from them. is no exception with the company having numerous that players and fans want more from. Some of these games sadly haven't gotten follow-ups in over ten years, and with Ubisoft being first founded in 1986, there are a lot of games owned by the company.

Each one of these games has their own fanbase that would greatly appreciate something new to enjoy. The following games are some of the most popular games that have seemingly been completely abandoned by Ubisoft in favor of other games.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a series of stealth games developed by Ubisoft that began in 2002 with the original Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Multiple follow-up games were made with the last game in the series being Tom Clancy's Splinter Call: Blacklist being released back in 2013.

While there have been talks of a new Splinter Cell, these have been refuted by Ubisoft itself, leading to there being nothing added to the series in seven years. This has been very disappointing to fans who are attached to the stealth gameplay that sets it apart from other action titles that are more combat focused.

Prince of Persia

While not originally created by Ubisoft, the first Prince of Persia game was released in 1989 with many games following as the license changed hands. There haven't been any mainline Prince of Persia titles outside of remakes since 2010. Something that many see as a sign of the franchise's official “death” is in how its latest entry had been in 2018 after years of silence involving the series. However, this entry was a poorly reviewed endless runner title for mobile phones known as Prince of Persia: Escape.

In 2013, players got the unfortunate news from Ubisoft Montreal's CEO that stated that the Prince of Persia franchise was being “paused”. However, with the disappointing mobile game that focuses on in-app purchases, it might be an extremely long time until players see anything positive with this series.

Might and Magic

Might and Magic is an RPG series that began in 1986 with Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum and had its most recent entry back in 2014 with Might and Magic X: Legacy. While this series wasn't originally created by Ubisoft like with Prince of Persia, it was acquired by Ubisoft back in 2003. Might and Magic X: Legacy was the only title in the series developed by Ubisoft. Due to its mixed reviews, higher-ups may have decided to indefinitely shelve the series instead of attempting to make a better entry in the series.


Many fans were excited in 2011 when a new Rayman title had been released, he first since 2003. Their excitement continued when yet another entry was released in 2013 with Rayman Legends. However, there hasn't been a new entry released since Rayman Legends with the exception of a re-release for the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

It may be possible that Rayman fans will have to enter another period of waiting for another title in the Rayman series if it hasn't been completely forgotten by Ubisoft. However, with Rayman Mini for the iOS being a popular mobile title released in 2019, players may get another mainline title announced sooner than later.

My Coach

With the Nintendo Switch and mobile gaming being on the rise, My Coach could make a reasonable return for adults needing a virtual coach for life events. This can even be seen with Nintendo's recent release of Pokemon Smile, an app game meant to encourage proper dental hygiene.

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