5th Planet Games launches Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension on PC

5th Planet has launched its latest free-to-play PC and mobile role-playing game, of the : Ascension.

In addition, the Copenhagen, Denmark-based 5th Planet Games also announced that the PC game will debut on Kartridge, Kongregate's new PC gaming platform. It'll be a one-month exclusive there. Then, on September 30, 5th Planet Games will launch the mobile version of Dawn of the : Ascension on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

“It's great to be able to deliver the promised sequel to such a legendary RPG as Dawn of the Dragons,” says Henrik Nielsen, the CEO of 5th Planet Games, in a statement. “Kartridge is a great fit for Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension, while also providing the platform with an amazing exclusive as it continues to grow.”

The original Dawn of the Dragons debuted in 2013, after an extensive beta period.

“We are proud to offer Kartridge's audience exclusive access to some of the hottest games available,” said Josh Larson, the chief business officer of Kongregate, in a statement. “Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension has a huge built-in fan base and we can't wait for gamers from around the world to jump back into the world of this amazing RPG, exclusively on Kartridge.”

Kongregate is a cross-platform game publisher, web gaming destination, and the owner of the Kartridge PC gaming platform.

Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension is a strategic, grid-based, combat RPG with a rich narrative and a focus on guilds. It follows the style and gameplay of the original Dawn of the Dragons game. As a community-based game, the original Dawn of the Dragons has succeeded in retaining a dedicated userbase who are willing to come back again and again.

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