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I played Torna: The Golden Country, the new Xenoblade 2 . I made a video in which I break down what I consider to be seven interesting points.

Torna is more than your typical DLC. It’s a full-length prequel to the main game. I appreciated it for its immediately relatable characters, its focused plot, its faster battle system, and its incredible music. By the end of my experience, the busy work nature of the game started to get to me. Progress forward in the story often requires the player to complete little errands for various NPCs, after which they might join your “community.”

The number of members in your community determines your reputation level. It’s all presented as a sort of re-envisioning of Animal Crossing as a spreadsheet. Leave it to a Japanese role-playing game to turn a word like “community” into game design jargon.

Perhaps my most lasting impression of the 20 hours I spent playing all the way through Torna: The Golden Country will be that it has a lot of loot trinkets.

In this video, I search for the exact line between abundance and superfluity in an attempt to prove, via a scientific analysis, if this game, in fact, does have too much loot. Will I find a truly scientific answer? Of course I will. I promise never to tease a question if I don’t find an answer.

I do not, however, have to tell you what the answer is. Please watch my video because I need to pay my rent.

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