8Bitdo’s DIY mod-kit adds Bluetooth to your original classic gamepads | Gaming News

Playing classic games on PC or Nintendo Switch is a great way to get a taste of the past, but playing with an Xbox controller or even a replica from a company like 8Bitdo might take away from the authenticity of the experience. But 8Bitdo has a new option for all of you who wish you could plug your NES or Sega Genesis controller into your systems, and it’s called the 8Bitdo DIY.

This is a new mod-kit that 8Bitdo will send you to transform your original controllers into wireless Bluetooth gamepads. This works with the controllers for the NES, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis (it also works with the Japanese Super Famicom or Mega Drive controllers as well as the Classic Edition versions of Nintendo’s gamepads). The kit comes with the instructions and all the hardware, which includes a Bluetooth radio and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. To keep things simple, 8Bitdo also includes all the tools you’ll need and promises that you won’t have to do any soldering.

Once you get the DIY mod-kit installed into your controller, it’ll work with the Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi. Since it’s Bluetooth, it should support Android, iOS, and a bunch of other devices as well.

The 8Bitdo DIY ships for $20 beginning today, and you can pick it up from the companies store.

This is a great way to play something like Sonic Mania with an original Genesis controller or a retro-style platformer like Shovel Knight with the actual NES gamepad you’ve had since the 1980s.

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