‘Adult Pokemon’ Game Monster Crown Enters Early Access

With darker and more realistic themes reflective of the real world, a Pokemon-inspired indie titled Crown is out now in .

The full release may be a long way out, but the early access release of Monster Crown is available now on Steam with a dark story inspired by the beloved Pokemon series.

Nearly 25 years ago, Pokemon created a very original twist on the JRPG style of combat. The main series revolves around training creatures and using them to battle other trainers throughout the universe. Not only did it capture the attention of 90s babies everywhere, but adults were addicted to the series as well. This led to the inspiration of many similar pixel art games, especially in more recent years, by indie developers. One of them is none other than Monster Crown, which is essentially an version of Pokemon.

Monster Crown utilizes the same tactics of capturing, training, and breeding monsters to fight against others in order to restore balance to Crown Island. But how is it any different than replaying an old Pokemon game? Aside from the swearing and blatant adult themes throughout the story, the subject matter will be a lot darker and more reflective of the current world, very different from Nintendo's gaming experiences.

From SOEDESCO, Monster Crown is currently in early access, containing about one-third of the story. It's overall reviews on Steam average out to Overall Positive, with many reviewers noting how nostalgic it feels and how promising the partial release is. For players interested in the full release, the developers over at Studio Aurum are hoping to give it a full release in approximately six to 12 months.

Monster Crown is currently in early access on Steam.

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