An Ode To Unused Items | Gaming

We always find ourselves hoarding special items that we end up never using in games.

We’ve gathered hundreds of ethers through the various Final Fantasy games, but always insist on using a tent or inn to restore magic.

For the Persona games, SP restoration is precious and items such as coffee are always saved for the next boss, and then the next one.

We’ve cooked so much food in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which we’ve never eaten because of their special boosts and which, in real life, would have long ago gone rotten.

In the Phantasy Star games, we still have yet to use the star mist, also known as star dew, which are very precious and can heal your entire party to full health.

For Super Mario Brothers 3, we saved the Hammer Brothers suit until the bitter end and still didn’t put it on.

Just by nature of how rare these items are, they preclude usage, when it should be the complete opposite. In some ways, the act of collection and knowing that we have that essential something in our back pocket is the source of their true value. “An ace in the sleeve” of sorts.

We’ll both probably go on hoarding in game, but for this week, we’ve promised to use that special healing item on the next boss we come across. Unless we manage to eke by in which case, it’ll be the next one, or the one right after that one…

What items do you hoard? If you have special items of your own which you’ve never used, well… maybe now is the time.

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