Anthem Details Current and Upcoming Game Changes

Anthem is fully available across PC, PS4, and Xbox One as of today, but despite a robust Day 1 patch that fixed several major problems from Early Access there are still issues to address. Continuing its commitment to transparency, BioWare has released a report listing both fixed Anthem issues and upcoming changes.

The majority of BioWare’s Anthem updates have already gone live without the need for an update thanks to server-side changes. For example, the chest exploit fix went live within a day of players spreading it through forums and the game’s subreddit.

The changes made to Anthem thus far include:

  • Coin Changes for Daily/Weekly – Fixed an issue that displayed the incorrect Coin reward from Daily and Weekly Challenges.
  • Stronghold Matchmaking – Matchmaking for Strongholds now lasts longer, filling groups more easily.
  • Non-Stop Rain – Fixed an issue causing it to rain more often than intended.
  • Fusion Proc Bonuses on Weapons – Fixed an issue granting incorrect bonuses from non-active weapons.
  • Chests Found in Missions Changes – Higher-tiered items now drop at a lower rate from chests in Missions.
  • Emotes Not Properly Saving – Fixed an issue preventing emotes bindings from being saved.
  • Shield Fix – Fixed issue where players were being one-shot while still having active shields.

Keep in mind that these are only issues that have been fixed since the Day 1 patch. BioWare continues to work on other ongoing issues as they’re brought to the company’s attention and will update the community as they’re fixed.

anthem chest
Issues requiring a patch may take a bit more time for BioWare to address before they’re fixed in Anthem. These client-side issues can’t be solved just on BioWare’s end by updating servers and require BioWare to put them into a patch for Anthem players to download. Console patches aren’t simple to ship out in small packages, so BioWare will likely wait until there are a number of fixes that can be put together to ship out in a more routine manner, like once a week. It’s unclear if Anthem on PC will receive updates more regularly.

Only three such issues are currently listed by BioWare as coming to an Anthem patch soon:

  • Heart of Rage Boss – The Heart of Rage Stronghold’s final boss won’t appear if the group wipes before engaging.
  • HDR – PS4 and Xbox One HDR is currently disabled.
  • Crashes – Various issues are causing game crashes.

BioWare remains actively tracking issues as they’re brought to developers’ attention. The studio’s community team is active on social media, including Reddit, so players encountering issues should reach out as they’re able.

Anthem is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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