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Anthem may not release until February 2019, but that’s not stopping future players from analyzing every detail that has been shared about the upcoming Bioware looter shooter. This week, yet another Twitter Q&A with Executive Producer Mark Darrah revealed a mistake on an EA blog that referenced Skill Trees for each Javelin.

The original blog post discussed the games skill trees and explained…

“You have a Freelancer who has a skill tree that applies to all Javelins… As your pilot goes on missions and gains experience, they’ll get better at operating Javelins and get additional efficiency out of them in the form of your pilot skill tree. Your Javelins will each have their own separate skill tree that also progresses as each Javelin gains experience.”

The more recent Twitter chat with Mark Darrah confirms that this information was incorrect and that Javelins are improved and modified through gear upgrades, not skill trees. Here’s a look at his remarks…

This clarification feels like a big difference and many gamers aren’t wasting any time ripping into EA for having seemingly wrong intel on its own site. It is still true that each Javelin can be improved and upgraded, but doing that through gear rather than new skills is a big difference.

It’s still early enough that this kind of miscommunication isn’t really a big deal, but when a very engaged and excited community are eager to learn every detail about an upcoming game, it’s definitely important to keep the facts straight or else companies open themselves up to this sort of criticism.

Check back in the coming weeks and months to learn bout about Anthem.

Anthem releases on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter

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