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One of the most alluring prospects of BioWare and Electronic Arts’ forthcoming action-RPG Anthem is definitely getting to experience the game’s Javelin suit class system, with each having its own unique look and abilities to cater toward different players’ play styles. Now, in an additional bid to make each suit even more unique, it seems as if the game is set to include swords as weapons, but only have select Javelins capable of wielding them.

As seen in the Twitch video clip below, BioWare’s Mark Darrah is asked during an interview whether or not Anthem will include swords, which led to the developer hesitating, and then saying, “We’re not talking about the Interceptor and Storm at the moment.” For those unaware, these are two out of the four classes of Javelin, and the way Darrah worded his statement sounds like a hint that swords will indeed be in the game, with Interceptors and Storms having the skills to use them.

Should BioWare be bringing swords into Anthem, then it will be good news for players who enjoy taking an up close and personal approach to taking down enemies. Plus, it makes sense that the studio would make the Interceptor and Storm Javelins able to fight with swords, as the former is the fastest class in the game, while the latter’s Blink ability will be good for swift, no-nonsense combat.

Beyond the potential to do battle with a sword in Anthem, BioWare still has plenty more to reveal when it comes to its action-RPG, as the title has a ways to before it comes out around the beginning of next year. Speaking of which, Anthem‘s going to have stiff competition at launch since Ubisoft has decided to put out its highly anticipated sequel to 2015’s third-person shooter with The Division 2 around the same time as BioWare’s sci-fi project. With that being said, it will be interesting to see which draws the bigger crowd at release.

Anthem is currently scheduled to launch on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch

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