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As many folks will likely attest, Anthem wound up being one of the best games at E3 2018 due to its impressive visuals and tightly controlled mechanics on display on the show floor during this year’s major industry expo. Of course, there’s still plenty more to be learned about the forthcoming action-RPG, and BioWare’s Mark Darrah recently confirmed particulars in regards to the weapons and armor that players will get in the game.

As seen in the Twitch video below, Darrah is asked whether or not Anthem will feature armor pieces and guns that have random rolls of perks and stats, with the BioWare developer saying that this will indeed be the case. Unfortunately, though, the game’s executive producer didn’t provide any further details insofar as any other details relating to gear is concerned.

When it comes to previously revealed details about Anthem‘s guns and gear, BioWare has at least provided fans with an idea of how it will approach weapon progression, by mixing the ability to either invest in a newer, more powerful weapon, or one that has been upgraded into a formidable firearm. Undoubtedly, including two styles of progression suggests that the action-RPG is designed to keep players invested long term, and with random rolls being in the mix, it could incentivize gamers to try both methods to evolve their gear more regularly.

All things considered, will be interesting to see how BioWare handles the inclusion of random rolls of perks and stats for weapons and armor pieces in Anthem, as this has been a subject of contention within its competitor Destiny‘s community for quite some time. Should the forthcoming action-RPG execute the feature properly, BioWare could wind up siphoning some of the player base of Bungie’s science fiction shooter when Anthem comes out next year.

Anthem is currently scheduled to release on February 22, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch

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