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People have all kinds of questions about BioWare’s upcoming online RPG Anthem, and the game’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah seems more than happy to answer many of them on Twitter. Today, the BioWare dev reiterated that there would be no romance options in the game, and also confirmed the extent of available dialogue choices.

Darrah has revealed plenty of details about gameplay such as weapon stat rolls and the inclusion of a level cap, but has been understandably less forthcoming with information about Anthem‘s story. While BioWare have made it clear that they intend to add story content for years to come, this new information about dialogue choices gives us a better insight into how that story will be delivered to players, and the extent of their role in shaping it.

The question which was posed on twitter references BioWare’s use of a dialogue wheel in past titles like the Dragon Age series, which offers players a great deal of choice in influencing the story through varied dialogue options. Asked if the same system will be implemented in Anthem, Darrah responded that there would be no dialogue wheel, “but there will be some dialogue choices”.

Dragon Age Inquisition choice

There are plenty of people who praise the amount of player choice regarding dialogue in Dragon Age games who may be disappointed to learn that the same won’t be available in Anthem. However, a more limited dialogue choice is arguably the only option Anthem; while Dragon Age games could afford to allow the player to heavily influence the world because they are single player experiences, Anthem‘s shared world somewhat restricts this feature.

It’s currently unknown exactly how extensive the dialogue choices will be for the player. The lack of a dialogue wheel certainly seems to suggest that the list of available responses will be reduced, but the choice Darrah mentions could be range anywhere between superficial and meaningful.

Mark Darrah’s twitter feed is a great resource for curious Anthem fans, but the information revealed is necessarily brief and so there’s still a lot of room for speculation regarding pretty much every aspect of the game. Dialogue options are a huge part of the storytelling process and there’s still much we don’t know regarding that aspect of Anthem, so anyone basing their opinion on the lack of a dialogue wheel would be wise to wait for more gameplay or the game’s beta to see it in action.

Anthem releases on February 22, 2019 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Mark Darrah – Twitter

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