Apex Legends Heirloom Set for Lifeline Leaks

One thing that Apex Legends has always excelled at is the quality of their skins, allowing players to customize their favorite characters and guns. Some of the most anticipated skins have been the Heirloom skins that up until now have only been available for Wraith and Bloodhound, but according to a dataminer there may be one more prepared to make the list.

When Apex Legends‘s first Heirloom set released with a special knife skin for Wraith, along with a banner pose and intro quip, players clamored for the illusive item, some spending up to $500 for a chance at the extremely rare drops. Once the second set dropped for Bloodhound, players were mixed on how they felt about the 3,500 Apex Coin price point, but compared to the near impossibility of finding these sets by chance, many players accepted the price for the guarantee.

A dataminer who goes by the name That1MiningGuy revealed some from Apex Legends in a series of tweets, showing a glimpse of the game’s code that appears to confirm a new Heirloom skin coming for the character Lifeline. According to the data, the new skin will be available during the upcoming Fight or Fright event that Apex Legends will be hosting for Halloween. Another important point in the data is how the set will be unlocked, offering players the option to earn the illusive prize by unlocking all 224 cosmetics available during the event with no need for additional purchase.

It’s been theorized before that the next Heirloom set would be for Lifeline, considering that she is the best healer in the game and one of few characters in the game often ranked the highest by professional and casual players alike. In line with the last two Heirloom sets, Lifeline’s newest cosmetic will come with a special melee weapon, which That1MiningGuy even managed to grab a screenshot of. There’s currently no information on whether or not there will be an accompanying banner pose and intro quip, but considering the way that the last two Heirlooms worked, it can be easily assumed that they’ll be teased in the future as well.

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New cosmetics always tend to create a buzz around games, especially games with a business model like Apex Legends that present themselves as free-to-play, but offer cosmetics as a way to support the company and open up customization options for characters and loadouts. It’s clear that EA and Respawn Entertainment are looking to bring some of that excitement to their upcoming Halloween event, dropping 224 new cosmetics and an Heirloom set as the cherry on top. While the task might seem daunting, it’s a far sight better than loosing hundreds of dollars on the loot box system, and perhaps more acceptable than a set price at over triple that of a standard set.

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