Apex Legends’ Next Character Could Be Bangalore’s Brother

Since the addition of Octane, developer Respawn Entertainment has been relatively quiet on any new characters for , but following a new piece of lore introduced for Bangalore, many believe that the developer could be teasing that its next character is her brother. There has been the long-rumored Wattson that is supposedly the next character, but since he was never confirmed, there’s not much to go on.

The piece of lore revealed by Respawn is an investigation into the Frontier War by the fictional Outlands Journal. Apparently, these reporters got their hands on a black box from a downed IMC Ship, and it featured the voices of Lieutenant Jackson Williams and Sergeant First Class Anita Williams (the latter is the real name of Apex ‘ Bangalore).

The black box reveals a perimeter check went wrong where the two aforementioned characters called in a code 406-T. An explosion occurs shortly after, with the tape ending with Bangalore screaming for her brothers’ name. The Apex artwork associated here sees her reaching out for her brother, but her reported statement isn’t so clear.

It seems Bangalore doesn’t recall some of the events exactly as they are recorded on the black box, believing that the events described happened before Thanksgiving and not closer to Christmas (as indicated). She also remembers grabbing the holding area door, but not if she reached for her brother or if he reached for her. The Outlands Journal claims this to be a question of untimely death like it seems or a mysterious disappearance which helped sparked ideas that the next Apex Legends character could be Lieutenant Jackson Williams. Adding to this speculation is Bangalore’s statement that her brother isn’t dead.

apex legends brother backstory

Of course, if this were to be the case, we would likely learn about it at E3 2019, where EA is confirmed to be showcasing the battle royale title. Apex Legends‘ season 2 Battle Pass is set to be revealed, which likely means major details like new characters will also be part of the presentation. Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see if the next new character is actually her brother or not.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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