Apex Legends season 15: Release date, New legend and Battle pass

Apex is nearing the conclusion of its 15th , and it will mark the occasion in a number of significant ways. The very first information regarding Apex Legends Season 15 has been released by Electronic Arts in advance of its next month. Here’s everything revealed so far, including the Apex Legends season 15 release date, the new legend Catalyst, and more.

Apex Legends season 15: Release date

The next season will begin on the day that the previous season concludes, as is customary for Respawn. So, Respawn will release Catalyst and Apex Legends Season 15 on 1 November.

Season 15 new legend Catalyst

“Catalyst”, a new defender for Apex Legends, joins the game in Season 15. The skilled terraformer and defensive conjurer Tressa Smith employs her extraordinary mastery of ferrofluid to revise the battlefield, according to Respawn’s explanation of her character.

Apex Legends leaked Catalyst abilities

Owing to prior leaks, players may expect Catalyst to continue to be a legend who creates builds for her team that protect teammates from harm and make it simpler to go to certain spots using ferrofluid.

Passive: Reinforce– You may substantially increase the amount of damage that your ferrofluid constructions, doors, and other Legends placeables can take by standing next to them.
Tactical: Ferro Shot– A ramp of hardened ferrofluid is produced upon impact by the shot, which may be prolonged with additional rounds. maybe utilized to build platforms on walls.
Ultimate: Iron Tower– You are propelled forward by ferrofluid as it surges up from underneath and forms a substantial, towering column beneath you.

Season 15 Battle

Only the image, color scheme, and title of the season 15 battle pass were made public by Respawn. The battle pass for season 15 will be named Eclipse, and its primary color scheme will be purple, according to what we currently know.

So yet, that is all that has been made public regarding Apex Legends season 15. Players may also anticipate a new map, though that information has not yet been officially disclosed.

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