Apex Legends Season 7 Update Character Buffs and Nerfs Detailed

Season 7 for Apex Legends is on the way and it sees new content and gameplay changes, including buffs and nerfs to the game’s Legends.

Season 7 of Apex Legends is set to begin in just a couple of days, on November 4, 2020. Leading up to the release of the newest season, Respawn Entertainment has been sharing information about what will be in store for fans, including the fact that Apex Legends will see a new hop-up for the Wingman and RE-45. The newest bit from Respawn includes the changes that the Legends will see, as buffs and nerfs are on the way.

Each new season sees a brand new Legend added to the game, with Season 7 of Apex Legends receiving Horizon as the new playable character. But the new seasons are also an opportunity to reevaluate exciting Legends and make changes to the way they play, their abilities, and even their hitboxes.

Eight of the existing Legends in Apex Legends have seen changes for Season 7. The patch notes start off by discussing the changes that are coming to Bangalore. Her Rolling Thunder Ultimate is receiving a buff. The explosion timer is changing from 8 seconds to 6 seconds, meaning enemies will need to bail out of the area a bit faster to avoid taking damage. Pathfinder is also getting big changes, as his hitbox is receiving yet another adjustment, and his grapple hooks are being altered again.

Caustic, who recently received an heirloom, is receiving both a nerf and buff to his nox gas. The blurred vision is going away, meaning players will no longer be blinded and disoriented when getting gassed. However, the damage is getting increased. This will make it so that the gas is more deadly, but players still have an opportunity to defend themselves if caught inside. Watson, another defensive player, is also getting a buff, as her Parameter Security will do 15 damage instead of 10 per touch.

Mirage received a huge buff earlier this year, but the changes aren’t done. According to Respawn, because the abilities for Mirage are so based on confusion and bamboozling, smart players quickly on to variations of Mirage’s abilities that Respawn has added. This newest addition is designed to confuse enemies a bit more, and it makes it so that Mirage’s decoys now have 50 health, meaning they need to be shot a few times before they disappear.

On top of those changes, Octane’s passive will heal him faster. Loba’s Black Market can now pick up unlimited available ammo. And Rampart’s abilities are faster now, as her Sheila ultimate spins up with more speed, and her tactical Amped Wall builds in 3 seconds instead of 4. Respawn continues to tweak Apex Legends. From the beginning, the developer explained that the seasons will be used as opportunities to make big META changes, and this is certainly true with the Legend buffs and nerfs.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version currently in development.

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