Apple Arcade is a subscription service for paid games

Apple is working on an all-you-can- game subscription service called Apple Arcade, which will offer more than 100 games–either new or exclusive to Apple on mobile–across iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and Mac. The service will launch this fall in more than 150 countries and regions, though Apple didn’t announce pricing.

Apple is pitching the service as an antidote to the free-to-play mechanics that have taken over App Store gaming. While Bloomberg has reported that Apple will pay developers based on play time, the company says it’s also backing the development of Apple Arcade games. Some of the titles Apple showed off include the coming-of-age puzzler Where Cards Fall and the survival strategy game Overland.

Although the service will launch with more than 100 games, Apple says it will add more over time. The company also made sure to mention that it won’t track players’ behavior without permission, and–in a nod to Google’s upcoming Stadia game streaming service–that its games won’t require an connection to play.

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