Arcade Setups Keep The Dream Of Competitive Darkstalkers 3 Alive

The fighting game extravaganza MIXUP returns for its third year this weekend in Lyon, France. While it'll showcase tournaments in all the current major games such as Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ, it'll also be home to a number of more niche side events, including one for the beloved Capcom classic, Darkstalkers 3.

Despite all of the re-releases over the past two decades, there hasn't actually been a new Darkstalkers game since Darkstalkers 3 was released on Capcom Play System II cabinets in 1997.

There have been numerous updates, console ports, and compilations released in the years since, including 2013's Darkstalkers Resurrection, which put the second and third games in HD, but never anything that could be considered Darkstalkers 4.

While it's easy to be disappointed that Capcom has allowed one of its cult classic series to languish for over a decade, the long life of Darkstalkers 3 has also allowed history to stay , with fans and veteran players continuing to compete at various fighting game events the world over even as the field becomes crowded with newer fighting games.

MIXUP is one of those events. Though the main spotlight will be on recent releases such as Soulcalibur 4, Darkstalkers 3 diehards will have the chance to duke it out on actual arcade cabinets.

The game's top 32 bracket will get underway on Monday, April 22, at 12:00AM AEDT, with all of the action streamed live from the MIXUP arcade mainstage. You can find a full list of streams and times for the rest of the event's tournaments at, with the festivities wrapping up Monday at 3:00AM AEDT with the top 8 for Tekken 7.

Meanwhile in the world of Smash Bros., Pound 2019 kicks off today in Maryland with tournaments for both Ultimate and Melee. Almost every top player of note, from Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma to to Eric “ESAM” Lew, will be in attendance, with a special Squad Strike battle going down Sunday morning starting at 7:00AM AEDT. Everything will be streamed live on Twitch channels VGBoot Camp 1 through 3.

Finally, Dota 2 veterans Natus Vincere look to claim some glory in India at the $US300,000 ($419,423) ESL One Mumbai Major. The grand finals will take place on Sunday at 8:30PM AEDT and will stream on ESL's Dota 2 Twitch channel.

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