Battlefield Bad Company 3 in Development for Next-Gen Consoles

For nearly a decade, DICE has been rumored to be working on : Bad 3, only for the rumors to be proven wrong every time. Well, the Battlefield: Bad Company 3 rumor mill has started up again, with the latest claim being that the game is in development for next-generation consoles and will launch in 2020.

This rumor stems from a Pastebin post that was made in late December of last year, but has just recently gotten attention online. The post, supposedly from a third-party European developer working on a PS5 launch title, claims that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is one of the PS5 launch titles. The “leaker” provides zero evidence to back up their claims, however, and the more likely scenario is that they’re just making things up.

After all, DICE has shown no desire to return to the Bad Company series, despite Bad Company 3 rumors popping up almost every year. One may argue that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but each year it turns out DICE is working on a more traditional Battlefield game instead of Bad Company 3.

One thing going for this rumor is that 2020 will likely see the release of a new Battlefield game of some kind, even if it isn’t Bad Company 3. Ever since EA acquired the exclusive license to make Star Wars video games, DICE has alternated between Star Wars and Battlefield projects. 2018 saw the release of Battlefield V, and so it follows that 2020 will in fact see the launch of a new Battlefield game.

While fans should take this rumor with a grain of salt, it may make some sense for DICE to make Battlefield: Bad Company 3 next. DICE has burned its fan base with its recent games, with Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s loot box controversy literally causing governments to launch investigations, and Battlefield V‘s various pre-launch controversies resulting in the game missing its sales expectations. Battlefield: Bad Company 3 has been a game anticipated by the community for years, and DICE may be able to earn some favor back from its disgruntled fans by developing it.

Whether or not the 2020 Battlefield game is Battlefield: Bad Company 3 has yet to be determined, and fans won’t find out for sure until next year. However, if there’s one thing about this rumor that’s true, it’s that the 2020 Battlefield game will likely be developed with next-gen platforms in mind.


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