Bioware Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Releases Next Autumn

Today, as part of N7 Day, Bioware officially announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which collects the original three Mass Effect games into one remastered collection, featuring improved visuals, textures, and all previously released DLC. It comes out next year on PC and consoles.

Bioware isn’t calling the Mass Effect remastered edition a full remake, but instead is aiming to greatly improve and clean-up the original games so both new and returning players can experience the classic RPG trilogy in its “best possible form.” The improvements include new shaders, improved character and textures, higher resolutions, and improved framerates.

It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bioware also says the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions will include “targeted enhancements,” so expect even better space visuals on the next-gen machines.

Originally released back in 2007, the first game in the Mass Effect trilogy was an Xbox 360 exclusive. (Remember that? It was weird.) After that, though all later Mass Effect games would be multiplatform releases, including the most recent Mass Effect Andromeda. Also, no, Andromeda is not a part of this collection.

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