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Cross-play is a feature that has gained significant steam over the past few years, essentially enabling players to play together in multiplayer games regardless of the platform. First really championed by Rocket League, the movement has since come to many other popular multiplayer focused games including Fortnite, Paladins, and Gears of War 4 to name a few. It seems the appeal of cross-play is also reaching even more mainstream games as Bungie is now considering the feature for its popular shooter, Destiny 2.

In a recent interview, Destiny 2: Forsaken leads Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor were asked if the game would ever become cross-compatible between any platforms. Somewhat surprisingly, the duo expressed an interesting in making that happen and is a topic that the studio frequently discusses. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the works at the moment, and it doesn’t seem likely prior to the launch of Forsaken, but with such enthusiasm, it could be a feature that fans see at some point down the road.


Bungie looking into crossplay is particularly interesting especially due to the fact that PlayStation is typically viewed as the lead console for the Destiny franchise thanks in large part to the exclusive content being added with each new expansion. As fans should be well aware by now, Sony isn’t keen on cross-play of any kind as most recent controversies surrounding this topic can typically  be linked back to the company. Unless Sony suddenly changes its mind on the topic, it could easily be assumed that if cross-play is enabled, it’ll likely be for the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

Sony continues to be embroiled in a major Fortnite controversy that started after the Nintendo E3 presentation as users who previously linked their Epic Accounts to a PlayStation 4 version of the game were prevented from using it on the Nintendo Switch version. Sony has been the butt of many jokes due to this and the company hasn’t helped itself by providing lackluster responses. Unfortunately for the company, Bethesda has also come out recently and accused the company of not being helpful with getting cross-play up and running for Fallout 76. Game director Todd Howard expressed disappointment in Sony’s unyielding stance, going on record as saying Bethesda would love to get cross-play up and running but as of right now it’s just not possible without Sony’s help.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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