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With Bungie having decided to kill off Cayde-6 in Destiny 2‘s forthcoming Forsaken expansion, it’s safe to say that the fan-favorite Hunter Vanguard’s death signifies that the DLC will be much bleaker in terms of tone and content than previous add-ons. In order to unpack the gloomy nature of the science fiction shooter’s Forsaken DLC, a bunch of Bungie developers recently sat down to provide insights about the expansion’s darker narrative.

As seen in the “Story Insight” trailer below, Project Lead Scott Taylor and Game Director Steve Cotton start off by talking about the impact that the loss of Cayde-6 will have on Destiny 2 as a whole, as well as the more “personal” style of narrative that will result in his demise. According to Cotton, When Cayde-6 meets his tragic end in the Prison of Elders, it creates a story that hits closer to home as Guardians will be on their own “high stakes” paths to avenge the beloved Hunter Vanguard’s death.

While many Guardians’ trigger fingers are already itching and eager to play through Destiny 2: Forsaken’s revenge story, there are some who may remain skeptical about the quality of the plot, with community members having expressed concern that Cayde-6 was just offed for the sake of getting a cheap rise out of the fan base. Bungie’s Head of Community, Eric Osborne, refutes this criticism, saying, “It feels like it’s just done for shock value at the start, but it’s not. It makes the world feel rich. You start to see the way characters are reacting to that death and the vacuum that leaves in the universe.”

As far as the overall style for Destiny 2: Forsaken’s main baddies is concerned, the Game Director at High Moon Studios, Matt Tieger, uses his time in the video to explain that the eight Barons who helped take down Cayde-6 were designed to be a “twisted Western archetype”. This supports Bungie’s previous statements regarding Forsaken’s Western-themed wares, with the developer using the DLC as a means to send Guardians to fight “a new enemy in a lawless frontier”.

Taking everything into account, it will be interesting to see exactly how Bungie handles its attempt at a darker narrative with Destiny 2: Forsaken while also balancing the rest of the content that’s set to be included in September’s big expansion. After all, not only does the DLC offer a non-linear campaign story, but also there will be new Weekly Milestones, a new PvP mode called Breakthrough, a PvE and PvP mode dubbed Gambit, and much more.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is currently scheduled to release on September 4, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie – YouTube

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