Call of Duty: Mobile has 50 million pre-registration in China

Developers and publisher Tencent Games launched Call of Duty: globally on October 1, but it was not launched in . The game went on pre- in China and nearly 50 million users pre-registered.

Tencent Games was set to release Call of Duty: in China on October 29. But now the company has launched the game before time. Jay Chou who is considered the Chinese King of Pop has apparently backed the game which has helped it get momentum.

Call of Duty: Mobile was available in China as a public beta test. Tencent Games was apparently waiting for receipt of approval from the Chinese government which was filed back in August.

Call of Duty: Mobile Anniversary Event update

Call of Duty: Mobile recently introduced the Anniversary Event update which included new maps, modes, a new Battle Pass, new Mythic weapons, a new Battle Royale map, and a new social space.

New Battle Royale Map: Alcatraz

For Anniversary Season the developers are adding a limited time second map with Alcatraz. First seen in Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Alcatraz challenges players to fight for survival in and around the infamous San Francisco Bay prison. Alcatraz is a smaller map than Isolated, the original BR map, placing a greater focus on close-quarters engagements.

Battle Pass

A new Anniversary special Battle Pass is out that adds 50 new tiers of free and premium content. Reach Tier 14 to unlock the free Advanced UAV scorestreak. Spectre – Pixel Spy, Reaper – Premium, Zero – Nebula, and Scylla – Future Vice are some new characters available for premium battle pass users.

New Multiplayer Maps and Modes

The Anniversary Season brings a new Gunfight and 1v1 Duel map, King, along with the return of the Halloween Standoff. Call of Duty: Mobile brings a new “Cranked” mode for multiplayer matches. This mode was first introduced in Call of Duty Ghosts.

‘Cranked’ Mode is similar to Deathmatch, but players will keep increasing their move and reload speed with each frag. This ensures that the game is intense and players who are left behind will find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the leaders.

Tactician Perk

Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a new Tactician perk later in the season, unlockable through completion of the Heavy Duty Seasonal Challenge launching on October 14. Tactician grants a second tactical grenade or throwable. The full patch notes can be checked out here.

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