Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies New Modes, Events, Battle Pass and more

Season 8 is coming to a conclusion, and Activision has revealed the next season. With the debut of Season 9 and the title “ are back,” Call of Duty Mobile is introducing plenty of Halloween-themed content, including new modes, , , and much more.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 Zombies Updates

Here is everything that will be included in the Call of Duty Mobile season 9 update.

As October celebrates the festivities of Halloween, season 9 has a scary vibe and is hence tied to the title “ are back.” It is scheduled to go live on 12 October at 5 P.M. PT or 5:30 a.m. IST.

New Zombie modes- Zombies Classic and Super Attack of the Undead

Zombies Classic is a relatively simple version of the popular round-based Zombies survival game, as you might expect. The mode will be set on the Shi No Numa terrain, also known as the Swamp of Death, which has appeared in a number of Call of Duty titles previously.

Super Attack of the Undead is another zombie game mode, where you start out with a complete squad of fighters until one of them is picked at random to battle the undead at the start of the game. So, Super Attack of the Undead mode allows gamers to battle not just AI zombies but also infected individuals.

COD Mobile season 9 battle pass offers a plethora of free and premium content

The battle pass for this season includes a tonne of stuff for both free and premium tiers. Players may obtain a throwable, remote-detonated C4 at Tier 14 and a brand-new Krig 16 Assault Rifle at Tier 21 for free.

Moreover, players may purchase the premium battle pass in order to get the Sapporo Stealth skin for Kui Ji, the Carbon Smoke skin for Domino, the Dark Sails skin for Zero, and the Sea Monster skin for Merc 5.

Halloween-themed events

Aside from there, Activision has also planned Halloween-themed events. You'll have to play games and complete daily and weekly tasks in multiplayer and battle royale to amass Halloween Coins that may be used to draw Halloween Candies.

New Multiplayer map- Haunted Hacienda

With the season 9 update, Call of Duty gets a new multiplayer map- Haunted Hacienda. Players can expect an entirely new ambiance as they load back into this well-known location, with cobwebs all over, eerie pumpkin skulls around every corner, and a dark cold engulfing the scenery.

That concludes the Call of Duty season 9 update, however, the entirety of the new content won't be available to you until October 12.

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