Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Fan Discovers Exploit In Ground War Map

Several players report that a Call of Duty: ’s Ground War map has several exploit spots where cheaters are gaining unfair kills.

Every new map implemented in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare goes through a slow process of patches and updates. Fans are very quick to find flaws within the design of the map and while some players may report issues, others simply exploit them. The Modern Warfare community always expects quick turn around on bugs – double so when a new out of bounds exploit is discovered on the map.

When Season 5 announced that Verdansk’s Airport would become a Ground War map, were cautious but excited. While the map is a well-known location from Warzone, many fans worried that simple graphical errors would remain present in the map’s port. While most fears were unjustified, a new out of bounds exploit may have justified those concerns.

While playing in the new Airport Ground War map, Reddit user Volpurr noticed that bullets were appearing out of thin air. After spawning to a rear point of the map, they were suddenly being gunned down through what appears to be a solid rock face. The killcam held the other half of the story as it clearly showed a player inside of the ground gunning down helpless players. Although it appears that the exploit location has a limited field of view, it is still large enough to give this player an unfair advantage when it comes to mowing down other players.

Glitch spots like this are common on Ground War maps, but they usually receive quick patches after being discovered. For a spot like this to still exist on Airport weeks after release is surprising to many players, although some fans expected the problem to reappear.

Players in the comments report that there is an additional spot near D on Airport that players are using as well. By simply glitching below the map these cheating players are able to see enemy troops clearly while remaining completely hidden. This can become an increasingly irritating problem as fans have no way of eliminating cheaters or removing them from the game.

If a cheating player is left alone long enough in a game mode like Ground War, they can start to collect varying killstreaks within the game. In extended game modes with long playtimes, it does not take long before the cheating player can unlock a nuke and simply end the game without leaving their spot. Fans are expecting Infinity Ward to quickly patch this problem before it gets completely out of control for the Ground War community.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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