Call of Duty: Modern Warfare May Have Stealth-Added Big Change to Multiplayer

It’s been a tumultuous month for Call of : Modern Warfare players. While the start of the month finally saw the arrival of the first season of content including a new battle pass to progress through, the game has also seen an unfortunate rise of glitches, exploits, and bugs. The most high profile issue currently involves a nasty bug that prevents progression towards challenges, XP, the battle pass, and more. While Infinity Ward continues to look for a fix, the community has suddenly discovered a potential new stealth addition.

Over on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare sub-Reddit, fans have begun posting videos and reports of a new feature in the multiplayer side of the game that wasn’t previously there. Player characters now bump into each other rather than moving through one another like it was previously. The collision detection was either enabled or turned away up, which is now causing loads of problems for players.

The biggest issue with teammates now being able to push each other is best shown off in a video from a user called Cyberpunk_89. While carefully moving up a narrow staircase, they see a planted claymore at the top. Not wanting to get hit, they attempt to back up, though the approach of teammates pushes them further up the stairs setting off the explosive.

Naturally, this seemingly simple changes can really impact the experience such as pushing teammates off ledges or out windows as well as making precision shots or mounted kills much more difficult after getting bumped or nudged off. Oddly enough, many posts detailing this issue are being removed or heavily moderated. The community isn’t pleased about this development though with the holiday vacation period still in effect, they may not be getting answers anytime soon.

In addition to the XP glitch, poor map spawns, and this newest collision issue, some players have discovered a new way to exploit the multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, players have discovered a way to remove their username from matches, which means the typical red indicator that marks them as an enemy is gone. During chaotic matches, this gives them an unfair advantage where fast decision making is the difference between a killstreak and the loading screen.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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