Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Gets Kill Using Drums

Call of ’s developers most likely never imagined anyone using a drum set to get a in Modern Warfare, but one streamer has done just that.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the biggest successes in video games since it was launched nearly a year ago. Whether it is the ongoing support of new seasons in Modern Warfare or the gigantic battle royale addition of Warzone early this year, Call of Duty’s latest shooter is played by millions. But not many play it the way one streamer recently did.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a massive community on Twitch, Reddit, Discord, and other social media platforms. Sharing awesome plays, silly glitches, and game-winning moments in Warzone and Modern Warfare has become an excellent way for the community to bond and have fun.

Modern Warfare isn’t the hardest multiplayer shooter out there, as pulling off some kills in multiplayer is designed to be something that almost anyone can pick up and do. However, getting a sniper kill while using as the controller may be about as high a level of difficulty as possible, and that’s what u/leDeanoBeano did when he shared a clip from a recent stream.

In pulling off the kill, u/leDeanoBeano uses the different drums in his set to control various movements. It appears that one drum allows him to aim down the scope of the sniper, while lightly tapping two others allows him to aim left, right, up and down. Finally, in comical fashion, hitting the cymbals with a loud clang allows him to pull the trigger and shoot his enemy, getting him the kill. Certainly not the typical popular Call of Duty stream with countless kills, but perhaps just as entertaining.

The clip quickly went viral on Reddit, very much like a TikTok video that skyrocketed to popularity recently of someone mimicking Call of Duty sounds with his mouth. It seems that, with the right video and creativity, Call of Duty can be an excellent way to gain instant internet fame.

The degree of difficulty in this drum kill is ridiculously high. Not only is the in-game kill funny and impressive, the work in turning a drum set into a usable controller isn’t something that many people would even think about doing, let alone pull off. Many fans think of the best tips to go pro in Call of Duty, others are clearly just looking to have some laughs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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