Call of Duty: Warzone Solo Play Guide To Being a Better Team Player

Call of : Warzone offers fans tons of different options when it comes to queuing into a match. Players can choose between a standard Battle Royale experience, or queue up for one of the special Warzone variants. In each option, players can determine whether they want to as a solo, duo, trio or quad group depending on what is offered at the time. It is this versatility in-game mode selection that makes Warzone a fan-favorite experience.

Despite the versatility, queuing in as a solo player can be a difficult decision. Players must determine if they want to be alone or rely on other players for their match completion.

Queuing into quads, trios or duos in Warzone can be a daunting and intimidating experience as fans never know who they could get paired with. Their teammate could be new, impatient, or rude. One thing that many solo queue players forget is that they are being queued into other groups of either solo players or as a fill. It is the responsibility of every player in the Warzone community to work together towards victory, or defeat will become inevitable. This guide is to help give some extra pointers to solo players who want to get better at being a team player in a group queue setting.

In public queues, it can become easy to forget that there are other players around. Communicating can become a background thought when a player is used to being alone or playing in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode. Simply pinging enemy locations, unwanted gear, and weapons, and staying with the team can become vital to success in Warzone. Tons of players tend to queue into Quads, Trios, or Duos and simply avoid their teammates. This puts not only the squad at risk but the rogue player as well. When a team works together, they can coordinate assaults in Warzone and maximize their chances of winning.

One of the best features in Warzone is the Gulag. This area gives players a second chance for redeployment. It is important to remember that it is a player’s responsibility to survive in a round, but its the team’s responsibility to try and bring back dead teammates. Too often players simply quit the game, abandon the team, or refuse to revive dead teammates in Warzone matches. These situations can spell death for the squad, and waste everyone’s time.

It can be frustrating to play with players who ignore objective points, give away a team’s position, or ruin the match in countless other ways. It is important to accept this as a solo player in quad queues as it will happen frequently. Crossplay in Warzone only goes to increase the frequency of the issue as multiple platforms are filled with different kinds of players. The best bet is to try and play through it, keep calm, and play with the unruly teammate. If a game ends extremely poorly, players can always block the bad teammate and avoid them in future queues.

Equipment is vital to team survival. Although it can be important to finish a personal loadout, calling attention to unwanted and dropped gear is just as important. Making sure the entire squad is geared up and ready to go can improve the team’s cohesion and combat efficiency. Try to not greed through every box, and share the wealth when it comes to epic and legendary weapon drops in Warzone.

If there is one piece of advice that every player should remember, it is that communication is vital. Whether or not fans want to keep their mics open is up to them, but it is advised to keep party voice chat on to allow other players a chance to call out and share information. For those who enjoy being on mic, try and be helpful, and guide frustrating Warzone players to perform better. If the team truly does not work then remember that there is always next round with a whole new team of potential and victory possibilities.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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