Call of Duty: Warzone Unbreakable Gas Mask Glitch Returns

While Season 5 of Call of : Warzone has introduced some exciting elements, it has also re-introduced some bugs once thought fixed.

Call of Duty: Warzone has entered its fifth season, and a number of the new features added to the game have been well received. The special event triggered at Verdansk Stadium has been a hit, but while some improvements have been made, some issues – once thought fixe – have re-emerged. A returning issue that has drawn ire from several big Call of Duty streamers is the unbreakable gas mask.

A few bugs have appeared on the scene in Season 5, such as the graphical bug which renders some guns in Warzone unusable. A major glitch like this is getting a fast-track fix because it is detrimental to the game, but some likely aren’t going to be addressed for a while. It is difficult for a developer like Infinity Ward to figure out just what to prioritize when a new season reveals a host of big and little bugs.

The gas mask glitch has made a return to the scene lately, where a player’s gas mask simply does not break even when it indicates it has reached the end of its life. This is not a hack or exploit, as it occurs randomly. Any gas mask picked up as loot can become an unbreakable gas mask.

The glitch gives a lucky player the ability to cruise around in the gas with no penalty, allowing them to avoid enemies or snipe from what should be an impossible spot. This differs from the Durable Gas Mask item found in the Verdansk stadium, which was introduced in Season 5. That gas mask is made to last twice as long a normal gas mask, whereas these glitched masks are not supposed to be special.

Because the mask glitch is not easy to duplicate it’s less of an issue, but it does affect the competitive integrity of the game should a player happen to find one. Being able to skulk around in the gas gives a player a huge advantage, avoiding detection and breaking the rules of the game through sheer luck when picking up loot. While the game is always trying to balance itself for fairness, like the recently introduced nerf of the Bruen MK9 and the FAL, this gas mask glitch introduces a wild card element that could turn a match on its head in an instant.

While the glitch is on the list to be fixed, it may be some time before it is patched. While players wait for the fix, they may be inclined to try and stop the train rolling around Verdansk to kill some time.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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